Dr. Michael Edel PhD Director and co-founder.

Dr Michael Edel

Dr. Michael Edel completed his Science degree in Anatomy and Human Biology and Physiology at the University of Western Australia. His PhD thesis focused on mechanisms of neoplastic growth using advanced histology and molecular biology methods at the same University.

He is co-founder and director of a new spin off company Regenacellx in the field of Regenerative Medicine based in Barcelona, Spain. In response to the Covid19 pandemic Regenacellx is developing new stage technology to detect the virus that is accurate, fast and affordable.

His high level of scholarship has been recognized as Visiting Scholar at Oxford University, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (Merton College, 2018-2019) and with awards including the French/Australia Government fellowship to study at the Institute Curie, Paris (1998), the John Nott travelling Fellowship at Harvard Medical School Boston (2000) and the DURSI fellowship at the CRG, Barcelona (2004).

He has specialized during his post-doctoral fellowships on basic cell biology and molecular genetic mechanisms of cancer (and biomarkers) and tissue regeneration, resulting in a number of high impact publications (Cell 2005, Nature Biotechnology 2008, Genes and Development 2010 and Stem Cells and Development 2012&14 and Stem Cells 2019). In 2011, he was awarded a Ramon y Cajal tenure track position scoring 93/100 and ranked top 10 researcher in Spain, awarded distinguished investigator in 2016 and currently is an ANECA accredited Associated Professor. From 2007 onwards he has held rolling national funding as Principal Investigator. His work has attracted supported by La Caxia Bank and has collaborations in industry to search for new cell based therapy applications.