Our Technology

Regenacellx trunk technology are specific adult stem cells and reprogrammed cells to study and treat human disease.

Our projects, in collaboration with expert clinicians and scientists in the field, are:

  1. NEURAL REGENERATION: Regenerating damaged nerves such as spinal cord injuries or neural diseases.
  2. EYE REGENERATION: A bioengineered ocular surface patch with reprogrammed limbal stem cells for personalized therapy to regenerate the cornea.
  3. LUNGRENERATION: Heal fibrotic lungs with transplanted reprogrammed lung stem cells.


Discovering the underlying biotechnology tools within the nature of our planet.

  • Cell reprogramming is a phenomenal process that enables the conversion of a normal skin cell into a pluripotent cell that can make any cell of the human body. Imagine the possibilities to treat human injury and disease!
  • Also, every tissue of the human body has adult stem cells. Blood is a good example and bone marrow stem cells hold great potential for regenerating damage to human tissues.
  • Naturally occurring small chemicals may have the ability to switch on or off molecular pathways in cells that can help the regenerative process to heal the human body.

By discovering and studying these, we can harness and re-engineer their potential towards specific biotechnology applications in our world.

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